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What's new?

Because i'ts a secret, we still can not explain to much about our new product.

The only that we can advance is that, taking advantage of to be held Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, we are going to present, that we believe, the new generation of mail.

Its main features are that it is immune to spam and phishing, and offers new features that hardly anyone would have thought it could have on the emails.

During the next week we are going to start an invitation process to try it.

Do not miss it, you could be one of the selected ...

; )


Emprempta dactilar

About us

Who we are?

We are a startup company specialized in to imagine and develop technology and communication products.

Founded on 5 January 2011 in Tarragona, a city near to Barcelona, lies in its management Llombart Xavier Aymerich, professional certificate, after 20 years developing his curiosity for all that constitutes a company has decided to implement what has learned in what he is an expert: the technology and training.

What we do?

We are currently carrying out projects of different types, taking all the new technologies as its backbone. In particular, we specialize in technology training and everything that has to do with the corporate image online.

What moves us?

Behind all the work we develop, there is always a dynamic and contagious enthusiasm for a job well done. We believe in social responsibility and understand that companies and individuals that make up can also be acitus agents in social development.

Where are we?

Although the location for us is not the most important think ooOO(good ideas have no nationality), for all purposes are placed in Tarragona (Next to Barcelona, Spain), Barcelona Street, 6.




Our fields of activity, focusing around the technology training and corporate image.

This includes:

  • Basic and specialized technical training, classroom and online.


  • Digital identity development
  • SEO (SEO)
  • Expert reports on the image of the company online.


Actually, among our star projects we have:

    Designed to help those who are preparing to take off some of the levels of ACTIC certification, this tool, based on the philosophy of "cloud computing", let you live and prepare for this certification exam by a simulation system that allows those parts that most interest the student.
  • From this page we are offering training and distance learning to all those who are preparing to remove the ACTIC accreditation ( local acreditation).

Visit us frequently and you will see that this list does not stop to expand.




To contact us, you could call us or use the mail ...


Tel: (+34) 644.24.52.24

Skype: My status

Mail: Correu


We speak english.

Hablamos el castellano.

Parlem el català.


What's new!

Rumors ...

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